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Balayage is a look that can be achieved by using many different techniques and originally began in France as a freehand painted look to create natural sun-kissed tresses. This look can now be achieved by using many different techniques such as open air or foiling. It’s a customizable look for every person, from sunkissed and high contrasts to solid blends of dark to light colors. Balayage is also a way to allow you to keep the health of your hair while still getting those soft, dimensional, seamless looks.

At Clique Salon, all of our stylists are trained in the various techniques and applications of the modern day balayage. After your consultation at Clique, your stylist will let you know what to expect from your first visit forward.

Some looks, depending on the desired goal and your current canvas, could take multiple visits to achieve, and “Lived In” looks typically will require more than one color process during your visit. While we want to achieve your desired goal, we will never compromise the integrity of your hair. We only use the best lightening systems to navigating the complete spectrum of blondes while keeping your hair shiny, healthy, and hydrated. It is still important though when lifting or lightening hair that you care for your hair properly in between visits. Your Clique stylist will educate you on how to do so and what the best products for your hair are.

Congratulations on choosing a beautiful look for your hair and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Love Clique Salon! I have been going to this salon for over five years. The salon is lovely, quiet and I always look forward to going there. They stay very current with all the latest techniques and trends. Highly recommend!

Holly T. ~


The Clique Salon culture is the tangible energy that binds and propels our team to create stunning hair, and sensational experiences for our clients.

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